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04 October 2013 @ 05:23 pm

Credits to godchild1134

Credits to godchild1134

I'm friend-locking my lj.

Well, not many people read it anyways. I guess only like...TT, Yv, Qianye and Minee? LOL. Maybe sometimes Shinzu, she's the silent reader type, scary. >.< So TT, you have to log in to lj to read my blog from now on, Mua Kyung Kyung!


So I'm friends-locking it.

Just in case. LOL. Besides, I don't want people to get pissed off at my emo posts at random.

So if I know you, just add me and comment. Though I highly doubt that.

I should just include this here as well. My motivation to save money, lol. XP.

Material Wishlist:
# FT Island Cross and Change album
# DBSK Live At Tokyo Dome, 4th live tour concert dvd
# Super Junior Super Show II concert dvd
# Super Junior Super SM Town concert photobook
# DBSK/ Super Junior 2010 calender
# Good headphones/ backphones.

# DBSK Saipan photobook
# Uknow necklace from Evisu
# 4gb Micro SD memory card... x 1 [obtained one]
# Prince of Tennis Rikkai Jacket.
# Adobe Photoshop CS4
# Comic connection file:
    ## dbsk folder
          ### I love you folders (Changmin)
          ### I love you folders (Junsu)
          ### I love you folders (JaeJoong)
          ### I love you folders (Yunho)
### I love you folders (Yoochun)
          ### DBSK folders (Stand by You)
    ## suju folder

# Any Super Junior/ DBSK albums/ singles~
    ## dbsk
          ### Jaejoong & Yuchun || Colors~Melody and Harmony Single 
          ### DBSK || All About DBSK Season 2
          ### DBSK || The Fourth Album MIROTIC [Platinum Special Edition (Taiwan)] 
    ## Suju
          ### Super Junior || 1st Asia Live Tour Super Show I Concert CD 
# Any Super Junior/ DBSK/ FT Island posters~
    ## dbsk
          ### Jaejoong & Yuchun || Colors~Melody and Harmony Single 
          ### DBSK || The 3rd Asia Live Tour MIROTIC Poster
    ## Suju

Price....= approx 400 dollars, exclusive of the collection of dbsj albums and singles.
--The Ultra expensive.
# Laptop. Or notebook. Not too small, not too big either.
# LG LU1400/ Cyon Whiskey/ Cyon Chocolate or Samsung Ultra Haptic [LG BL Chocolate obtained~!]
# Camcorder

Price...= approx. 4k for a save gauge.


I need more money to support my fandom. LOL.
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11 February 2013 @ 06:39 am

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

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13 February 2010 @ 10:12 pm
A scan from the feb 2010 edition of YG magazine.

It's not an interview, just a overview by one of the editors about their couple, for the valentines theme. And HanChul is up. xD

Just wanna share this, since they're my Suju's OTP.

Click for FULL SIZE~!

ORIGINAL article in chinese.


My english isn't good, but I tried my best~and I did put effort for this okays~

Fell free to take out, just keep the credits and don't remove my watermark~

Source: Y.G Magazine, Feb 2010
Translation: Animeuver (aka Madel5566)
Credits: Madel5566@livejournal.

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26 December 2009 @ 10:59 pm


The 6th anniversary for our dear Dong Bang boys, and still going strong!! HWAITING~!

No matter what, we keep the faith. It's been hard, but isn't it harder for them?

Reasons why we love the boy:

~No one can resist the adorable 4th-dimentional charm of pretty!  handsome JaeJae
~No one can resist the cool but actually ultra childish/cute leader! Yunho
~No one can resist the dorky personality (minus his hair) of Yoochun, who adorable-ness just grows on you.
~No one can resist the ultra cute dolphin! Duckbutt! Junsu. Especially his laughter. And oyaji gags.
~No one can resist the cool charm of handsome/ genius magnae Changmin. And his mismatch eyes when he's happy.
~No one can resist the ultra strong bonds between the boys.
~No one can resist their voices, their moves, their perfect harmony.

They are the rising gods of the east, and gods don't go down so easily.

Side note, I hold the faith for Suju boys too, they've had alot lately. I hope Eeteuk don't get too stressed out by this -shudders remembering his club for depressed people. Managing a group with 13 people isn't easy, especially if they're...fighting -crosses fingers-.

P.S: I've noticed...how people tend to avoid looking at Jae altogether after making eye contact with him. He's too pretty I guess, (Hideaki Tokunaga is one) and sometimes Yunho too. -Yunjae fangirl at work, forgive me-

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29 November 2009 @ 12:09 am
DBSK fanvidsCollapse )

Oh yea, copy and paste this 'DBSK - "Always Keep the Faith" Believe in DBSK' into myspace or facebook and join. I just did, XD.

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25 November 2009 @ 04:36 pm
KNEWS~!Collapse )
Till then,
P.S: Can't wait for DBSK in Japan~!
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Sweet 17 thank you list~!Collapse )

Special thanks to:
Jieen, Jingyuan, Shinzu, Tzeteng, Yvonne for Colours~Melody and Harmony CD and POSTER
My family. XD.


I love my presents. TVXQ/ SUJU  LOVE.

AHH. You and I by Park Bom has been on replay like no tomorrow~


DBSK HWAITING! I just want you guys to be happy, no matter what your outcome is. o^________^o
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01 November 2009 @ 07:27 pm


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10 October 2009 @ 09:12 pm
Mua Kyung Kyung.

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Listen to these...xDDCollapse )
Till next time...
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09 October 2009 @ 11:20 pm

||   k p o p   ||


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